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Ira Woods & Sons Reviews

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  • Horrible Experience

    As many of the reviewers already, I ordered a sink and faucet. The sink didn't arrive with a strainer I had on the same order and the faucet delivery was delayed multiple times. I eventually canceled the faucet and strainer orders and now it's been over four weeks that I've been waiting for the credits! I've left voicemails with no callbacks. Never doing business here again! More...
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    WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This company is a scam! I placed an order on an item that they said was in-stock. After they charged my credit card they sent an email stating that the item would be shipped in 2 weeks. 2 months later decided to cancel, and they are not crediting my account. It's been over two weeks now. More...
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    SickBoyM's Picture   SickBoyM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Business ethics should be criminal

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!! I was hoping to give this company the benefit of the doubt but they have proven all the horrible reviews of this "company" to be true....Placed order on Oct. 10th and was immediately charged but given a delivery date of Oct. 25th. When merchandise was not received by Nov. 1 I attempted to call customer service. After numerous calls with not even a return call I sent an email request on Nov. 8th. Still no response. After numerous emails, I finally got a response and was told that the order was not on the last shipment and it would be another month before the... More...
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  • Beware

    I wonder how they can still be in business. Terrible customer service, they take your money up front, you wait over a month for your products, and when you try to cancel the order they transfer you to bunch of voicemails. I will never do business with those people again. Terrible customer service. I was able to purchase my products from Amazon, for the same price, and they were delivered within 4 days. Buyers please beware. More...
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    SickBoy's Picture   SickBoy    0 Comments   Comments
  • i was cheated

    Im an international company doing buisness and i maid an order then they told me to make a wire transfer to there bank and i did they send me some things not all and then they said i had money left and that they will send me a gift card i asked them if i paid them with a gift card or with cash or transfer with is the same then I've called 100 times and i wise guy named robert tells me that they show no money owed and they gave me the run around call this call that its all most a year now guess what no money More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    patino's Picture   patino    0 Comments   Comments
  • Service SUX

    I ordered a $2000.00 sink June 24 2011 i was told I would not be charged on my credit card til item was shipped. Lie. I had to initiate an inquiry on aug 4. I was told they had problems with elkay & could not deliver my item & offered me a different sink. I said No. Still no refund. Pex supply delivered the same sink I ordered from Ira woods at a $600.00 savings. Thank you irawoods for NOT coming thru - I do want my refund More...
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    Crowfan420's Picture   Crowfan420    0 Comments   Comments
  • HORRIBLE experience !!!

    HORRIBLE, DISASTROUS, are the correct words for this pseudo home improvement company !!! I had the most excruciatingly aggravating experience with these people - I dealt with a Mark Messer sales person who NEVER EVER return calls - actually no one there ever return calls - here's the story : I ordered a Grohe shower system on May 13th - as of August 11th, I received the 5th emails delaying the order yet again to 8/19 shipment date - since my entire bathroom project is held up by these jokers, I called and spoke to their so called Customer service supervisor named Kathy who... More...
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    Nadessa's Picture   Nadessa    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of Ira Woods & Sons

    Purchased a sink grid on June 29, 2011. My credit card was charged the same day. The bill said it would be shipped on or after July 14th. I called to find out why it took so long to ship and Mark said that it had to be delivered by Elkay. Called on July 15th for an update and was told there was a delay and would arrive and ship August 2nd. Emailed them on that date to be told I will receive a refund because they can no longer get it. Mark called the problem "unfortunate" rather than "unethical." Seems to me that they held my $100 and delivered nothing in the end. Looks... More...
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    Buddy1's Picture   Buddy1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud, fraud, fraud

    Anyone with an issue with Ira Woods needs to go to the following websites and log a complaint. The first one is the FBI's Internet Division: The second is the Better Business Bureau: Someone needs to shut this place down. Here's my story: I placed an order for a bathtub on 6/21/2011 for a renovation that was starting 7/5/2011. I checked by phone before ordering and was told the tub would ship in about 2 weeks. I called on 7/12/2011 to check status. I was told they would check with the manufacturer. I called one week... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    twistee2u's Picture   twistee2u    3 Comments   Comments
  • Very Disappointing

    We ordered a Blanco sink that was advertised at a good price. We waited and waited, and kept in regular contact with our rep at Ira Woods & Sons. They kept offereing us different sinks (non Blanco, of course) but we stuck to our original order. We finally wrote the general manager, Rob Parisi and requested a refund. We felt VERY fortunate that we received a full refund. We will NEVER shop with the company again! More...
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    1489Family's Picture   1489Family    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid At All Costs

    In at least 10 years of heavy online purchasing I have never come across such a disreputable firm as Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. appears to have some kind of online cash flow scam going here. Unlike most reputable online resellers, Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. collects its cash before they have the item on hand. In my case Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. just kept putting off the shipping dates until I finally asked for a refund—even the refund was delayed. It seems that Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. offers lower prices than others to secure the orders then (in my... More...
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    Akathisia's Picture   Akathisia    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst of the worst

    I'm determined that no one else should suffer the same loss and frustration I have. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I admit it - I didn't check them out first hand. My mistake! I don't think I've ever seen such blatant liars and cheats! My first (and only) order arrived with missing pieces. I phoned them immediately and a really rude boy named Matt answered the phone. He refused to issue a pick up, make it right or even try to address the issue. And can you believe this? He told me "You should've known better". Huh??? Guess he was... More...
    TinaMarlin's Picture   TinaMarlin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of this company

    I ordered a sink on April 7th 2011. They said I should receive it by the 21st. after three additional weeks of delays I canceled my order. I could never get a straight answer on when the sink would be there. Once I canceled it the customer service marigold round started. I left mutable VM and emails asking for an update on the refund with no response. Finally I was issued the refund. This company sucks at every step of the way. The customer service is horrible and I would never use them no matter how good the price looks. They kept my money for a month and a half after I ordered it. They... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    jasonjoy's Picture   jasonjoy    0 Comments   Comments
  • beware of ira wood & sons!

    same as the rest, did not check reviews, site looked legit and really got screwed badly to the tune of over $4000.00 of bathroom fixtures all mismatched second hand returned merchandise that is really not usable and matt in customer service is the master of hiding and playing games, but the ey is once yourmoney hs ben taken via your credit card. pls if you havenot purchased yet, dont it is that easy. More...
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    seanok's Picture   seanok    0 Comments   Comments
  • Just DON'T

    Ira Woods has the perfect model of how to send customers in circles without answers and results! If you are looking for elevated blood pressure, a migraine type headache and a good measure of sheer rage, then I suggest you do business with Ira Woods and Sons! The general manager feels that he is a business prodigy... one that is based on the lowest ethics and business practices. Rest assured, I will NEVER go near this company again. I am certain that Ira Woods himself didn't build his success over the years defrauding customers and avoiding all contact after the order has been placed. More...
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    Kaity's Picture   Kaity    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest seller

    I ordered and prepaid in full for a Cuisinart espresso maker that supposedly was in stock and ready for shipping within the week. Two weeks later nothing came. I called them and was assured that "the item was going to be shipped the next day". Two more weeks went by..still nothing. I tried to call again, but no answer. So I emailed a complaint and they "opened a case" and that was the last that I heard from them. A week later I "chatted" with Mark, after pretending to check on the item he assured me that it was on order and will be shipped within the week. A... More...
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    law1960yer's Picture   law1960yer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    I recently purchased a tankless water heater for our master suite bathroom. After installing it and discovering it fluctuated so much in temperature it was worthless, I contacted Ira Woods & Sons. They suggested I call the manufacturer which I did to determine it was only suitable for one source such as a vanity or bar sink. Ira Woods would not return my money nor allow me to return the product and credit it toward a better solution because it had been installed. How is one to know they were given bad advise on the purchase of a water heater until it was installed? Customer service... More...
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    chelse1a's Picture   chelse1a    0 Comments   Comments
  • Watch OUT for this company! Don't do business with them

    On January 7, 2011 I ordered a tub, sink and two toilets from this company. I paid in full that date. The delivery date of 2/7/11 has come and gone and despite repeated requests for a firm delivery date I have none. In light of the wishy washy response - in fact NO response from their so called customer service I called the manufacturer only to find the items I ordered were quite ready to ship except that Ira Woods had not paid for them despite having my money in full. When questioned the so called customer service took it on themselves to cancel my order and deduct a 20% restocking fee... More...
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    mforzley's Picture   mforzley    2 Comments   Comments
  • Refuses to ship or refund

    Ira Wood took my money 2 months ago for knife purchased via their onlinee store. Their website indicated that it was in stock and would ship in appx. 48 hours. My credit card was charged and the money removed from my bank account. Almost 2 months later, nothing's arrived. The company does nothing but stonewall on a refund by saying it will ship soon--they've given at least 2 specific ship dates and failed to meet both. I will never, ever order here again. More...
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    alepo's Picture   alepo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrendous Customer Service

    Ira Woods has cornered the market on rude and indifferent customer service associates. Without a dobuth, the customer service reps could teach the DMV about how to treat the public with complete disdain. I unfortunately ordered several items that were in different finishes than the item shown on their website. The fine print of their site basically does not allow any returns and, if allowed, charges an outrageous restocking fee. Worse than their policy are their rude associates. More...
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    bunkyspunk's Picture   bunkyspunk    0 Comments   Comments

    I had several issues with this company. Avoid using them. I ordered a Rowenda iron model DG5030 on September 19, 2010. At their web site under the item they had the enclosure that this item most likely is available for next day shipping. After the order was complete I received the confirmation saying that the shipment will be available after September 27th of 2010. Finally the order arrived on September 29, while I was away on vacation. Upon return when I opened the package it was evident that the item was not new. I called the customer service to claim an exchange with a new item and... More...
    thassos's Picture   thassos    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bathroom remodeling

    I put an addition to my house and purchased online a Saniflo plus toilet system from IraWoods Co. Mr. James Luallen called me to let me know that even though the picture shows a toilet tank included, that it would be additional $83.83. I agreed to pay and he promised a delivery in 3-5 days. I scheduled a plumber to come on the 6th. day, as I had guests staying over and needed the job done for that weekend. On 27th. a delivery co. called me to notify that it will not be coming to us until the 6th. of Nov. That is 14 days after my purchase. They explained to me that they will try to... More...
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    Pumper9821's Picture   Pumper9821    1 Comments   Comments
  • Deceptive sales tactics and has terrible customer service.

    Ira Woods engaged in deceptive sales tactics and has terrible customer service. I purchased a bathroom vanity from Ira Woods over the phone as I wanted to seek clarification on their delivery policy I spoke with salesman about the $50 delivery option of "inside room of choice" to the second floor bathroom and he confirmed it would be done. In 2 weeks, FedEx contacted me for delivery. We discussed delivery to my second floor bathroom. They said they could not bring the package inside, not to... More...
  • Unethical Business Practices

    When order was placed it was indicated to be in stock. A series of e-mails followed from the vendor indicating the order was received, order was accepted and order was processed for payment. When I checked with customer service as too why I did not receive a notice that the products had shipped I was told that I did not read the payment processed e-mail wherein it noted that the product was on back order from the manufacturer and was estimated to be delivered to the vendor by the end of the month. I indicated on October 18th I wanted to cancel the order and they still have not refunded... More...
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    CraigMarks's Picture   CraigMarks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointing customer service and huge delays in shipping

    It's been over 5 weeks since my credit card has been charged and my orders have not been fulfilled. The Sales team provides good service, they can match a price and are quite responsive. Though, the matching price process takes a day to get the prices approved. Once my orders were placed and the charges billed, I have been trying to follow up on the status of my orders. I called and left multiple voicemails. Every time I call, my questions are routed to this person KATHY and for over a week she has not called me back! Irawoods offers good prices but you have to consider huge huge huge... More...
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    lulejka's Picture   lulejka    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered a towel warmer on Dec 5 as a Christams gift. When there was no sign of it by Dec 14, I e-mailed and was told it would be here mid Jan. No one had bothered to let me know. Then by 20 January it still had not arrived. I sent a total of 8 e-mails, and left 7 voice mail messages. NO-one contacted me. I was desperate. Then on February 4 it showed up and I was given a 3 days to check it out - impossible as I am now not at that address.NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL _ DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. More...
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    pensimmon's Picture   pensimmon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid this site

    I ordered cookware and was not told that it was not in stock, but they did charge my credit card immediately after ordering. Nothing came in the mail, I called 2 weeks later, they said it would be in stock in one week, nothing happened, no emails etc. I called again, another delay but assured that it would arrive the next week. I received no communication from them, so I emailed them on two occasions asking for a refund, no reply. I called requesting one, nothing happened. Called again, they told me that it was "closed" and they would resubmit it. I still don't have my... More...
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    lpaper's Picture   lpaper    0 Comments   Comments
  • NO RETURNS POLICY - Avoid This Store!

    I bought a Cuisinart Toaster oven as a Christmas present for my mom. It took Ira Wood more than a month to ship the order. When it finally arrived we looked at it and my mom decided she wants a different size oven. When I call the store it turned out they don’t take returns! They referred to some list of non-returnable item groups that I was somehow supposed to relate to the product I was getting. So now I am stuck with an item I don’t need. Never again I will buy from this store! More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    akustomer's Picture   akustomer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very slow and non-communicative

    Ordered a bath tub from them on 11/17. The web site said delivery time was 4-6 weeks. They never sent an order receipt but my card was charged that same day. After 5 weeks I called to check on the order status. Was on hold for 20 minutes then got voice mail. Left a message but never got a call back. Three days later I called again, waited on hold for 13 minutes then got a sales clerk who was less than helpful. She said that the order was in process and that I just needed to wait. Called again 7 weeks after ordering and was told that they had not even received the tub from the... More...
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    sparqee's Picture   sparqee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceitful Practices

    I needed an Eemax water heater and the web site promised same day or next day shipping which is the only reason I ordered from them. After two days I received an email stating that my order was "approved" and I would get an email notification of shipment. After 10 days I called customer service and they were very friendly and told me the order had shipped, 7 days later the order showed up. I am thankful that I received the order but I will not do any more business with this company nor would I recommend them. I don't like being deceived and that is exactly what this company... More...
    scottny4's Picture   scottny4    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dishonest Return Policy

    I purchased an espresso maker and when it arrived the quality was poor so I called to return it. It was only then that I learned they not only charge a restocking fee of 25% but that they won't refund your money. They will only give yo a gift certificate. NO WHERE during the purchasing process did they alert the consumer to this dishonest business practice. I was told by Customer Service that I should have read the "general conditions" statment which I later found buried in small print. I will never buy from them again so I have lost all of money! More...
    shelleyfh's Picture   shelleyfh    0 Comments   Comments
  • What a run around!

    Ordered a bathroom faucet three weeks ago - so much for same day shipping. I contacted customer service and they were pretty quick about getting back to me every time I e-mailed. But I asked about the same day shipping. Their answer was that is was being direct shipped from the mfg. More days went on and I told them I would be contacting my credit card company to file a complaint - I gave them 4 days to produce proof. Finally they said it was shipped and as soon as they had a tracking number they'd forward that info to me. The next day I said they had until the end of business that... More...
    runaround's Picture   runaround    0 Comments   Comments
  • I ordered a Fixed Top Table...

    I ordered a Fixed Top Table Slate Inlay Matte Black Finish from Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. on 10/8/07 and table arrived to me on 10/18/07 which has some scratches & chips on the table top & on the legs but they refused to send me a replacement table due to their vendor freight company, OFDL has denied their claim for the reimbursement. I feel that they had cheated me on my hard earned money and I hope no other online consumers would have to go thru like me when dealing with this ripoff business of Ira Wood & Sons, Inc. It seems they don't care how their customer feels... More...
    PhoebeVu's Picture   PhoebeVu    1 Comments   Comments


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